AJ Scarcella
Designer of things.


AJ Hi.

My name is AJ Scarcella.

  • I create videos.

  • I create animations.

  • I create illustrations.

  • I create images.

  • I create visual identities.

  • I create things.

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This is my portfolio.

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Here’s a bit more.

I do video work, animation, graphic design, print-based design, CGI, illustration, and more.
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Here’s a little about me.

  • AJ

My name is AJ and I do many fun things including video, graphic design, CGI, retouching, print, illustration and other multimedia content. I’m also a writer, musician and an improvisational actor.

I’ve completed a Bachelor of Digital Media degree at the University of New South Wales.

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Want more?

Improv shows. Podcasts. Blogs. Plenty of AJ to go around.

  • Movie Film Studios
  • eitheror
  • invert-x

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