AJ Scarcella
Editor. Animator. Designer. Maker.


We Belong Together


Clip Studio Paint, Rebelle

An original illustration, designed for a friend’s wedding.

A Lovely Night


Clip Studio Paint, Rebelle

A little scene from the film La La Land. Digitally hand-drawn.

Where do you come from?


Clip Studio Paint

Rey and BB8

Based on a little known, low-budget independent film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, comes an illustration of Rey and BB-8 shortly after meeting on the planet Jakku.

The entire illustration was hand-drawn in Clip Studio Paint.


Animated short

Clip Studio Paint, Maya, After Effects

Hand-drawn in Clip Studio Paint (along with some cotton wool clouds I sculpted and digitised) and then assembled into an animation via Maya and After Effects, Flight! tells the story of the 401st Royal Air Academy Brigade and their fight against the notorious Baron.

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