AJ Scarcella
Editor. Animator. Designer. Maker.


AJ & Isaac @ Sydney Fringe Comedy

Art direction, CGI, Retouching

Photoshop, modo, Substance Painter, InDesign

Promotional image and poster for AJ & Isaac, my two-person, long-form improv group. As our format is movie themed, I went with an old-fashioned movie director style for the shoot. I comped the entire shot together and added the CGI prop elements which were textured in Substance. Finally, I designed the poster utilising InDesign, which also includes our branding.

EPiCS Kickstarter Video

Promotional campaign video

Premiere, After Effects, Modo

EPiCS is a series of laser-cut MDF boards that are assembled into various structures for fantasy table-top gaming. Created by Isaac Williams, I shot, directed and produced the promotional video for its Kickstarter campaign.


Digital composition

Photoshop, Modo


This was a quick idea I had to practice combining CGI with studio photography. The photography was done by James McDonald under my art direction.

ALDI bathroom set

CGI and retouching

Modo, Photoshop

While virtually all images used in ALDI advertising in Australia are shot on location or in a studio, it is not always possible to fulfil an art director’s vision through those means alone. Utilising Modo and Photoshop, I created the extensions to the bathroom photography, notably in the tiled wall and floor (amongst other things).

Come Alive

Animated short

Maya, After Effects, Photoshop

Come Alive is my first major 3D project, in which I handled everything: concept, story, modelling, rigging, animation and post-production. It features the adventures of a little boy, the devil, a graveyard and a pile of ghosts, and is told without dialogue.

Come Alive was the work I submitted as my final project for my Digital Media course at UNSW. It was screened at the Chauvel cinema in Paddington as a part of the COFA Annual, a show that the campus puts on every year for third-year and Honours students.

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