AJ Scarcella
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Sans Forgetica


After Effects

Created via collaboration with RMIT University and Naked Communications, Sans Forgetica is a typeface designed to help with memory retention. Its unique design has been scientifically proven to increase the amount of information retained after reading content written with it. I designed the main visual animation identity for the name of the font, as well as animations for social media.

Sans Forgetica was awarded a prestigious Graphite Pencil from British Design & Art Direction in 2019.

Media mentions

The Guardian

ASFA Conference branding

Creative design/direction, stage production content

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

While employed at ASFA, I was responsible for the creative direction of the organisation’s annual national conference. As part of this role, I designed all aspects of the branding for the conference, including the stage layout, video content, printed collateral, website and onsite signage.

ALDI social media animations


After Effects

Completed while employed at BMF, this is a collection of animations for ALDI Australia’s social media networks for a variety of different campaigns.

Come Alive

Animated short

Maya, After Effects, Photoshop

Come Alive is my first major 3D project, in which I handled everything: concept, story, modelling, rigging, animation and post-production. It features the adventures of a little boy, the devil, a graveyard and a pile of ghosts, and is told without dialogue.

Come Alive was the work I submitted as my final project for my Digital Media course at UNSW. It was screened at the Chauvel cinema in Paddington as a part of the COFA Annual, a show that the campus puts on every year for third-year and Honours students.

The Party of Reagan

Animation for TV

After Effects, Photoshop

Produced by Rebecca Glenn of Kitchen Table Productions, The Party of Reagan is a documentary examining the US Republican party’s shift towards more conservative politics. The documentary aired on the Australian television news network, ABC News24. The opening title sequence, supers and end credits were produced by me using assets created in Photoshop and then animated in After Effects.


Animated short

Clip Studio Paint, Maya, After Effects

Hand-drawn in Clip Studio Paint (along with some cotton wool clouds I sculpted and digitised) and then assembled into an animation via Maya and After Effects, Flight! tells the story of the 401st Royal Air Academy Brigade and their fight against the notorious Baron.

And yes, that voiceover is me.

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